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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

C42016 is bullfrogpowered - But, what does this mean?

CatIQ's Canadian Catastrophe Conference is bullfrogpowered with 100% green electricity. You'll see the signs at this year's conference - but what does it mean for an event to be bullfrogpowered and why is choosing green electricity significant for the insurance industry?

Who is Bullfrog Power?

Bullfrog Power is Canada's leading green energy provider. Since 2005, Bullfrog Power has been providing Canadian individuals, businesses and events with green energy products that allow our customers to reduce their environment impact, support the development of new renewable energy and help to bring new projects online across Canada, from solar at schools to renewable projects with First Nations Communities.

Bullfrog Power is endorsed by leading environmental and heath organizations such as WWF-Canada, the David Suzuki Foundation and The Lung Association.

What does it mean to bullfrogpower an event with 100% green electricity?

Whether you are bullfrogpowering you home, office or an event, choosing Bullfrog Power's green electricity works the same way. When you choose green electricity with Bullfrog Power, you make sure that for every kWh of electricity you purchase, a kWh from a pollution-free, renewable source is produced and put on the grid on your behalf. At C42016, the electricity usage is calculated based on the venue's square footage.

Once electricity is put on the grid, all the electrons are the same and it isn't possible to direct electrons from clean sources straight to your home, business or event. What's important is how these electrons are created - and this is something you can control. Bullfrog's green electricity comes from a blend on wind and low-impact hydro power sources from new Canadian renewable energy facilities.

By choosing green electricity from Bullfrog Power, CatIQ's Canadian Catastrophe Conference in reducing the amount of electricity needed from polluting sources, displacing the electricity from those polluting sources on the grid and helping to green our grid.

Why is choosing green energy significant for the insurance industry?

The insurance industry has long been ahead of the curve in understanding the risks that climate change poses. Bullfrog Power's Green Index of our leading bullfrogpowered organizations includes some of Canada's most prominent insurance providers, including The Co-operators - one of the ten largest supporters of Bullfrog Power's green energy - and Manulife. One of the ways that these two businesses are leaders is that they have integrated their understanding of the impacts of climate change into a decision to take action to reduce their own environmental impact. That decision is a signal to the industry and their customers that we can all take responsibility for the energy we use.

At C42016, you'll hear a lot about the types of catastrophes that can occur and how we can prepare to meet those risks. Bullfrog Power is this year's environmental sponsor and our messed is that the risk of catastrophes associated with climate is real and, whether you are an individual renting an apartment or a global corporation, there is something you can do about it today.

To learn more about Bullfrog Power's green energy, visit bullfrogpower.com, or follow any of our social media account, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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